We BIM model your building, your solutions, installations and your products.

The BIM Engineers
13 January 2023

From a "simple" stand-alone 3d model to an integrated BIM file or Digital Twin, The BIM Engineers models it.

We can model (parts of) your building project or product. We do this in Revit, but also in other (Open BIM) software packages if required. We ensure that the models can always be exchanged (by means of) IFC, for example. We model in the Level of Detail you require or advise you which LOD best suits the application for which the model is intended.

Your structures can be modelled, realised and managed faster, smarter and better. We are happy to help you with that. By modelling integral 3D BIM models for the housing, utility and infrastructure sectors, among others. We are at your service from preliminary design to management and maintenance. This way, we relieve you of all your worries, while optimising the process, reducing failure costs and improving quality.

Converting the architect's design into a 3D Building Information Model (BIM) is what our BIM modellers are expert at. All technical, physical and functional information of a building are processed in this building model, which is necessary to make the construction process as efficient as possible. Naturally, we ensure optimum (digital) cooperation with all parties involved, so that the chance of construction errors can be minimised and considerable cost savings can apply. Curious about the possibilities?

Then contact us, we will be happy to tell you more.