At The BIM Engineers

we strive to build sustainable communities and connections using BIM.

When we think about TBE's responsibility as a company, we are striving to lead by example in areas such as sustainability, diversity and equality. To do this, we will

  • img-6-1  be conscious of the actions we take and how they align with our mission and vision
  • img-6-2  be transparent to all stakeholders about the way we work and our goals
  • img-6-3  hold ourselves accountable for the activities we undertake

Our activities in Corperate Social Responsibility, are not fleeting initiatives, but well thought out actions that are supported by the daily work we do. As part of these actions, in the area of Corperate Social Responsibility, we contribute to the following sustainable development goals (SDGs):

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In addition to its primary activities, The BIM Engineers is one of the main contributors to the Sampark Foundation:

Gender equality is anything but the benchmark on many continents. The BIM Engineers sees a sustainable solution to this in the area of developing and educating all genders. To this end, we have entered into a partnership with foundation Sampark.

The Dutch company Venture Group, active in India with various business activities, is at the basis of foundation Sampark. Sampark is now an independent entrepreneurial foundation with the objective of combating illiteracy and poverty in urban and rural areas and offering education (primary, secondary and vocational). The Sampark Foundation thus tries to support the population in its education in as many ways as possible.

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With our partnership we support high quality education in India. TBE is also a BIM partner of Zigurat. With this we train our own staff in BIM and our BIM specialists give lectures and presentations at our expense.

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Achieve gender equality through fair wages and equal treatment in countries where TBE is present.

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Reduce inequality. TBE does not discriminate in origin, class, gender or country. We do this by not judging our staff on their origin or background, but on their skills.