BIM Management is an indispensable factor for your project.

The BIM Engineers
13 January 2023

BIM management plays an important role in more and more projects.

In a project with several partners, it is important that everyone delivers their information in the same way according to the correct BIM protocol. Design errors can thus be detected early with clash detection. It is wise to appoint a BIM manager who is responsible for the quality of the information flows. You could place this responsibility with the architect or contractor, but they also provide their own input. There is a danger that one of these parties will not act independently in the event of a conflict. This is why we act as an independent BIM manager.

For us, BIM management is an extension of our building project management service. As director of the BIM process, we coordinate and monitor the entire process. This is based on clear agreements with all (BIM) partners involved. At the start of the process, we formulate the goal you want to use BIM for together with you. In addition, it contributes to:

  • achieving the desired quality
  • cost reduction
  • time reduction of your project

Ultimately, with a Building Information Model that can be efficiently and effectively applied in the design, realisation and/or operation phase. We can deploy BIM management effectively by using acquired practical experience with BIM projects and the useful tools we have developed for this purpose.

The BIM Engineers believes in simplicity. We therefore like to make the matter of BIM insightful and understandable for you. For more information on BIM, feel free to contact us, whatever your question or request.