Start your career with The BIM Engineers

Your Leap to become Leading in the World of BIM.
Join The BIM Engineers.


Start your career with The BIM Engineers

Your Leap to become Leading in the World of BIM.
Join The BIM Engineers.


Who Are We?

We are a multinational, multidisciplinary and full-service BIM service company. We operate in the innovative and revolutionary changing field of design and engineering, construction, installation and infrastructure across the globe. We add value through our excellent BIM knowledge and experience, capacity and innovation.

Where Are We?

The BIM Engineers has two home basis, one in The Netherlands and one in India. View our nearest office:

Benefits & Perks

Benefits such as health and dental packages. Family leave, paid vacation and a company-sponsored retirement account.

Why do you want to work at The BIM Engineers? Simply because of our open and honest company culture. This is because of our core values

Our Unique Company Profile

The BIM Engineers has a fantastic, innovative and international company profile. Everyone works together with international teams to achieve the best results. Together we are leading in the world of BIM

Mutual respect

Different opinions are good for sharpening thoughts and ideas. At The BIM Engineers, we discuss things thoughtfully and emotionally intelligently with each other. In doing so, we come up with great ideas together that we develop into well designed processes.

Impact and appreciation

Everyone contributes to our beautiful projects. Everyone's contribution is essential and contributes to the success. Our clients and colleagues see this. Your position has impact and makes a difference regardless of your age or position within The BIM Engineers.

Positively productive

Working hard in a positive atmosphere. At The BIM Engineers we value appreciation and working together on innovations and solutions. Challenges require solutions and collaborations internally and externally.

Open atmosphere

Everyone is open to positive feedback. At TBE we are motivated to make improvements and identify potential bottlenecks. When things are not going as planned, we work together towards a solution.

Tight and stable

We are a close-knit and stable team. With colleagues who have been working for The BIM Engineers for many years, we ensure that the company culture remains at the level we want it to be.

New Opportunities

If you don't have new ideas you will stand still, innovation is important in your career. At TBE we look for new opportunities to make our services even better. Implementing and evaluating innovation and improvements is part of the work of our colleagues.

Sharing knowledge

At The BIM Engineers, we believe it is important to share knowledge and innovations. To this end, several internal sessions have been established. In CPDs (Continuous Professional Development sessions) we share knowledge with our international colleagues and partners.