Innovation in BIM goes on and on

The BIM Engineers
06 January 2023

Digitalisation in the world is moving fast and unstoppable. Also in the construction world. BIM plays a central role in innovation.

The so-called BIM method is still an innovation in the construction world. This is because all relevant information throughout the construction process is stored in a digital building model. BIM makes costs and planning more manageable. Project leaders form the link between the theoretical part and the final execution on the building site. By constantly attending courses on innovation, they are optimally prepared at all times and work together more efficiently. The traditional construction process where 2d drawings, often not up to date, form the basis of the object to be built, is characterised by very high failure costs. Failure cost percentages of 10 to 14% are still fairly common in the construction world. This is largely caused by the fact that the prototype must also immediately be the final result. The solution to reducing failure costs is to digitally build the entire structure in 3D virtual environment. All conceivable and available information of a building is added to the so-called BIM - Building Information Model. This process innovation has reduced our failure costs. These cost savings entirely benefit the product. We immerse ourselves in the latest innovations and gladly take your organisation on board.