BIM coordination, communication and transparency are the keys to construction project success.

The BIM Engineers
13 January 2023

The BIM Engineers helps coordinate your project perfectly.

BIM is essentially about a collective approach to the construction project rather than an individual one. BIM creates a controlled, transparent and central platform that allows for better collaboration. This is how you build lasting relationships and invest in your own future. BIM is sustainable. BIM is profit.

BIM consists of 80% communication and 20% engineering. Good BIM Coordination therefore plays an important role in every BIM project. A BIM Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the BIM project, drawing up the BIM protocol, testing the various aspect models and communicating this during, for example, a BIM session.

With coordination software, models from different disciplines are merged and checked for clashes. Where different parts of models interfere with each other, a conflict is signalled.

These conflicts are then reported and followed up during BIM coordination meetings.

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