Construction Drawings/Shop Drawings

Construction Drawings/Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings are the detailed blueprints of the specification and the pieces of valuable information that are being represented in the building design.

Shop drawings share information on Mechanical systems, Piping Services, Steel detailing, Architectural layouts, and many more things that are an integral part of any BIM project. The BIM Engineers team uses the smarter approach to prepare the specialized drawings in a very short period.

The range of drawings we produce are : 2D Fabrication Shop Drawings 2D Shop Drawings 3D Shop Drawings(Isometric) CAD Shop Drawings

What Shop Drawing Shows?

Architecture Shop Drawings
Architecture Plans, Elevation details - Exterior and Interior, Building Sections, Wall Sections, Schedules and Finishes, Utility Plans, Site Plans, Stairs, Kitchen & Toilet Details
Structure Shop Drawings
Structure Plans, Framing Details, Column & Beam Sections, Steel Fabrication details, Foundation Plans, Reinforced concrete details, Structural Joist Details
MEP Shop Drawings
Mechanical Plans, Piping layouts, Isometric views, Equipment and Fixture Schedules, Corridor Sections, Lighting and Power plans, Toilet Enlarged Plans, Hanger/Support details

How Shop Drawings are beneficial?

It Facilitates a detailed comparison between subcontractors' and fabricator's specifications.
Shop Drawings contain all change order notations.
Shop Drawings contain all types of job site dimensions.
Fabrication shop drawings eliminate errors and miscommunications.
Access to material and system specifications in different phases of construction.
It offers quick installation of services without any clash.
Maintenance and operations become easy and rapid.
Facilitate the most efficient installation of any individual system.
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