Builders Work & Hanger Drawings

Builders Work & Hanger Drawings

The BIM Engineers provide Builders Works/Block Out drawings with high-quality details.

We provide Block Out drawings with specific clearances for the openings as per construction codes.

BIM models are of no use if the hangers are not coordinated; We provide fully coordinated BIM models as per industry standards to avoid construction conflicts and delays.

Features of Revit MEP Hangers

Customizable rules for the desired distribution
Auto-sizing of supports for relevant MEP services
Easy Calculation of Hanger/Support strength
Auto Connection to Architectural and Structural elements
Auto adjustment for sloped pipes, planes, and elements
One-click shop drawing generation

Hanger Drawings Facilitates

  • Easy installation of MEP services
  • Avoid on-site clashes and cost/time.
  • Easy marking through Trimble points
  • Exact material requirement analysis
  • Safety from hazards and risks
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