Value Engineering

Value Engineering

The rapid development of technology and digitalization in this era has changed the construction industry drastically but still, construction projects are facing many fundamental issues such as project delay, cost overrun, and low efficiency. 

Value Engineering is one of the most reliable solutions to achieving the optimum cost to enhance project value, performance, and functionality. 

The BIM Engineers have the potential to enhance the practice of Value Engineering in many aspects such as:

1.3D visualization for Value Engineering to better understand the design and building components.

2. Extraction of information and design modification

Phases of Value Engineering:

Information Phase
The information phase involves gathering project information and refining the goals of the project. Data is collected and analyzed, and the information obtained is used to finalize the priorities of the project and areas of improvement.
Creative Phase
The creative phase follows the function analysis phase, and it involves exploring the various ways to perform the function(s) identified in the function analysis phase. This allows team members to brainstorm alternatives to existing systems or methods that are in use.
Function Analysis
The function analysis phase involves determining the functions of the project and identifying them with a verb/noun combination for every element under evaluation. The function is defined as the set targets to be attained through the execution of an element or a set of elements.
Evaluation Phase
In the evaluation phase, the merits and demerits of each of the suggested solutions and alternatives from the creative phase are listed. The team should describe each advantage and disadvantage in general terms.
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
The development phase involves conducting an in-depth analysis of each best alternative to determine how it can be implemented and the cost involved. The examination of each alternative may involve creating sketches, cost estimates, and other technical analysis.

Our VE Helped Numerous Sectors:

Health-Care Buildings
Industrial Sector
Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Mixed-Use Buildings
Sport Stadium
Rail and Metro Sector
Aviation Sector

How You Can Be Benefited From Our Value Engineering

  • Easy Selection
    Our VE team develop a weighted evaluation matrix to choose the best supplier by evaluating different criteria including quality, price, transportation fee, and reputation.
  • Low Construction cost
    Our VE helps to control labor cost and management, Improve labor productivity, Improve overall construction management.
  • Appropriate Change Management
    Value Engineering facilitates the detection of issues, reduction of risk and hazards, and development of better process control.
  • Easy Installation
    Our futuristic approach helps to design the models with space management, easy operation, and maintenance. Value Engineering helps to install the MEPF services and equipments without any conflicts.
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