A need for an architectural 3D BIM Model in Revit 2021, in accordance with Burgtbouw ILS document.

A building for care requirements with 66 apartments, three levels and recreational areas. First step was identify the appropriate BIM uses base on the project and  helping in the phase of design and then approved in 3D and 2D drawings with specifications as per Burgtbouw ILS document. Our BIM Architectural Modeling services developing Revit models according with the phase required (TO) technisch ontwerp (technical design), all the model according Level of Information Need, representative families and indicative custom Revit Families, doors, curtain walls, stairs, raillings, bathrooms, kitchen, frames, windows, 2D drawings floor plans, sections, elevation, details were created for review, adjustment and approval. Our coordinator used the BIMcollabZoom problem management platform to verify the errors from the client's hand to correctly understand the important points to be resolved in the model.

    Key Details

  • Building Type: Houses
  • Project Area: 66 Appartments
  • Country Name: Netherlands
  • Year: 2021
  • Scope: Revit families creation, BIMcollabZoom problem management platform, advisory on BIM, Architectural,
  • LOD: 350
  • Services: BIM/VDC
  • Softwares: Revit. BIMcollabZoom